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Frequently Asked Questions

posted by Andre 5:40 PM
Monday, November 30, 2009

I am a beginner, can I take the CCW/CPL course?

Yes you can. Our instruction is designed to accommodate the beginning student as well as the advanced student. This is a basic pistol course, and all students will experience hands on with the firearm on how to properly grip the firearm. And most importantly how to load and unload with dummy ammunition in the class before you fire live rounds on the Pistol Range.

Do I have to have shooting experience to attend your shooting to attend your CCW/CPL Class?

No. We have taught many students with no experience how to shoot as well as the proper handling of a pistol.

I’m concerned about using my credit card over the Internet to register for your class. Do I have other options?

We require you to register online by either paying a deposit or the balance in full. Our classes are normally full, in preparation for our classes we have cost that are paid in advance for materials, range time etc….that is why we require you pay in advance. Our site is secure, it is tested on a regular basis. We use Paypal services for payments which is also secure.

How old must I be to take the CCW/CPL Class?

We require all participants to be 18 when you attend our classes. The minimum age to purchase and own a pistol is 21.

Is there a dress code for your CCW / CPL class?

In general terms, there is no dress code. However, you need to ensure that you are comfortable. If possible, wear jeans or jogging pants a long-sleeved shirt and avoid tops with a low neckline — hot shell casings may cause you some discomfort if they come in contact with your skin. Also, avoid wearing open-toed shoes

Do I have to own a gun before I take your CCW / CPL class?

No. If you don’t have your own firearm, we can make one available for you for free. If you don’t have a pressing need to buy a gun before the class, wait until after you complete class before you make a gun purchase. We extensively cover the things that you need to be aware of to ensure that you buy the right gun for you and your needs

I want to purchase a pistol. Do I need a CPL/CCW to do this?

Yes. Assuming that you are not legally prohibited from buying or possessing a gun (e.g., having a felony), you merely have to visit your city’s main law enforcement agency and request a 10-Day Purchase Permit at no charge. You will need to take and complete a short gun safety quiz. At this point, the agency will run a quick background check. If there are no issues, you will be issued the 10-Day Purchase Permit. With this permit, you must buy a gun within 10 days or you will have to repeat the prior steps.

If you are at least 18-years-old but less than 21 years of age, you can only legally buy a gun from a private seller. If you are at least 21 years of age, you can buy a gun from a federal firearms licensee (FFL), such as a gun shop. In any case, the seller will keep one part of the 10-Day Purchase Permit as part of the sales process. You will then properly transport your gun, along with the remaining two parts of the 10-Day Purchase Permit, to your local law enforcement agency within 10 days to have your gun safety inspected

How do I legally transport my gun to the CCW / CPL class?

The proper way to transport a gun in your car, without a CCW / CPL, is to have the gun unloaded, separated from ammunition and locked in a gun case in your car’s trunk. If you are bringing your gun to our training class, do not bring live ammunition inside to the classroom

I don’t live in the same county where your class is being given. Is this O.K.?

Yes. The class that you are taking is called Personal Protection in the Home Course. As a NRA Training Instructor, I am certified to teach this course all over the United States. This course meets the State of Michigan training requirements that you must meet in order to apply for your concealed pistol license (CPL).

How do I apply for my CPL?

First you must take you completed application along with your course completion certificate to the County Clerks Office of the county in which you reside. There, you will submit your application and pay the application fee ($105.00). The county clerk will then provide you with a receipt that you will take to your local police or Sheriff’s department. There, your fingerprints will be taken and your background check will begin. Once the county gun board receives the fingerprint comparison report, they will issue or deny the license within 45 days.

How long will it take me to get my CPL?

Depending on the county in which you are applying, it will take from one to three months to receive your CPL.

What are Pistol-Free Zones?

Pistol-Free Zones are places where people with restricted CCW / CPL licenses are not legally able to visit while armed with a pistol.

They include:

  • Casinos
  • Courtrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Daycare centers & schools
  • University classrooms & dormitories
  • Sports arenas
  • Entertainment facilities seating 2,500 or more
  • Churches (unless you have permission)
  • Establishments that earn over 50% of their income from the sale of alcohol-by-the-glass to be served on the premises

Note: Retired law enforcement officers with a CCW / CPL and Michigan licensed private investigators are exempt.
Note: The parking lots of the aforementioned Pistol-Free Zones are exempt.

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Michigan Reciprocity Laws

posted by Andre 12:19 AM
Monday, August 4, 2008

Michigan’s concealed pistol law expressly recognizes permits issued by other states to its residents. MCL 28.432a. However, non-residents are subject to the Michigan law while carrying a pistol in Michigan, including those restricting where pistols may be carried, the implied consent provision, disclosure to a peace officer when stopped, and carrying while under the influence. A non-resident should acquaint himself or herself with the Michigan law before carrying a concealed pistol in Michigan.

Similarly, a Michigan concealed pistol licensee who wishes to carry a concealed pistol in another state is responsible for complying with the laws of that state. In an effort to identify which states recognize Michigan issued concealed pistol licenses, each state was contacted by the Attorney General. 

Those that recognize Michigan issued permits are:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina 
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
Vermont (does not require carry permits by residents or non residents)
West Virginia

Again, anyone traveling in one of these states needs to check their laws, which in many instances are available on that state’s website.


Those states who do not recognize non resident permits are:

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island


Some states allow for the application for a temporary CCW permit issued by that state or local unit of government. Others exempt law enforcement officers.

Federal law expressly provides that persons may carry a firearm in their vehicles while traveling through another state provided that the possession of the weapon is legal in both the states of origin and destination and the weapon is unloaded and carried in the trunk of the vehicle or a locked container other than the glove box. See 18 U.S.C. 926a
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