MI Advanced CCW

Semper Fi Firearms MI Advanced CCW Course

Semper Fi Firearms offers advanced training classes designed to continue where the basic CCW/CPL class ended.  These classes are designed to introduce to the law-abiding citizen to the important aspects of concealed carry.

ccw-womanOur classes are divided into two separate levels.  Each level will build upon the skills covered in the previous lesson.  Students that successfully completed Level I (Basic CCW/CPL class) will be eligible to take the advanced class.

Note: The advanced class cannot be used to apply for your Michigan CCW/CPL license.  Please click here for the BASIC CCW CLASS

Semper Fi Firearms MI Advanced CCW Class includes the following:

•Review of firearm safety •Rapid-fire techniques
•Close encounter draw techniques •Advanced malfunction simulation drills
•Defensive shooting fundamentals •Combat accuracy
•Tactical movement •Proper cleaning and storage of a firearm
•Cover & Concealment inside the home

We have 3 convenient ways for you to register:

1. You can pay the full balance of $125 online

2. You can pay a $50 deposit online and pay the remaining balance on the date of your class

3. Make arrangements to pay for the class in person by calling Semper Fi-Firearms at 313-346-7386


All advanced classes are a 3 hour course.

A PAYPAL Account is NOT required to pay for your class.
Select “PAY AS GUEST” when the Paypal Screen opens


Pay Deposit $50.00

Class Dates


Pay Full Balance $110.00

Class Dates


Debit, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover are accepted for online payments !!
You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay for the class

*Please note all payments are non-refundable

Classes are held at the Firearm Exchange Gun Range at: 30305 Schoolcraft Rd. Livonia Michigan 48150

Please direct any questions to 313-346-7386 or email us semperfi@ccwnow.com


•  A Firearm that carries a defensive rounds preferably a 9mm or .38 special at minimum.
Note: If you do not have a firearm, one will be provided to you free of charge.
•  Strong side holster
•  Magazine carrier to hold your extra magazines on your belt.
•  Good quality belt. A belt designed for carrying a concealed pistol and supporting the weight of the holster and ammunition
• Concealment garment, this can be a jacket, shirt, or sweater that you would use to conceal your firearm in public
• 100 rounds of full power or ammunition
• Eye & hearing protection
• Hat with a brim, i.e. a baseball cap
• Round collar shirt.  This will prevent any hot shell casings from going down your shirt.
• Do not wear sandals or open toe shoes