Self Defense Training and Tactics

Self Defense Training Pressure Points Control Tactics(PPCT)Semper Fi Firearms offers defensive tactics courses for two types students, those who carry firearms and those who do not.  Our courses are designed for the everyday working citizen, security, military, and law enforcement personnel.

All of our defense tactics courses utilize the pressure point control tactics (PPCT) method. This methods teaches the student how to control subjects by applying as little as 2 pounds of finger touch pressure to selected pressure points on the head and neck. The application of these pressure points is to control low-level resistance. The PPCT was designed based on tactical, legal and medical research. The courses focuses on two primary areas:
• Controlling low-level resistance with finger tip touch pressure to nerve pressure points
• Controlling high-level resistance with defensive counter strikes and the baton, which produce motor dysfunctions and controlled stuns.


Course 1A: Weapon Retention and Disarming

Semper Fi Firearms’ self defense training and tactics courses are based on gross motor skills. This course examines the issues a student needs to consider in preparing mentally and physically to disarm an assailant and presents the basic steps in both the PPCT weapon retention and weapon disarming systems. This course teaches a simple system of disarming and handgun retention.  The course also addresses holstered defenses, as well as drawn weapons defenses.

Course Goals:

  1. To examine survival learning research in an effort to enhance survivability in combat situations.
  2. To instruct a system of weapon retention and disarming that is compatible with the effects of survival stress.
  3. To teach a system of weapon retention and disarming based upon techniques that do not rely on size and strength and that can be easily learned and retained.
  4. To teach instructional methods designed to enhance a student’s ability to learn survival techniques, increase his/her confidence level, and assist in the successful application of physical techniques.
elbow-strike occipital-nerve-strike

Course 1B: PPCT Tactical Handcuffing System/Escort Position and Joint Lock Control

Tactical Handcuffing System

Part I of this course introduces the PPCT Tactical Handcuffing System, a highly effective process that emphasizes a “commonality of technique” for application from the various handcuffing positions. Also discussed are the types of subjects students will encounter, the proper handcuffing grip, tactical considerations, handcuffing liability, handcuffing myths, and handcuff selection and maintenance.

Escort Position and Joint Lock Control

Part II of this course provides students with the skills and knowledge required to control escort position resistance and teaches techniques for follow-up control. It examines the escort position, the most common forms of escort position resistance, joint locks, and follow-up control techniques.


Note: Upon completion of the course you’ll recieve a certificate showing you’re certified in PPCT.

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