Semper-Fi Firearms Testimonials

“The CCW class was very well taught by the Chief Instructor Andre and Staff. Their expertise, knowledge, and professionalism made it a great experience for me and my wife”

-Kevin & Rhonda

“I had no experience on how to handle or use a firearm due to my fear of guns, but Andre provided excellent hands on training as well as the importance of gun safety. Now I can honestly say I’m very confident in using a firearm to protect me and my family. Thanks Andre”

-B. Williams

“The CPL Class was very informative in the use of deadly force and when u can apply it as well as all the laws that pertain to your license along with the hands on training. I’m definitely looking forward to taking the Advanced Course with Semper Fi- Firearms Training”

H. Morgan

“Thanks for being patient with me and my son with the hands on training. And also taking the time to answer all of our questions”


“I can see why the US Marines are the Few & the Proud! Thanks so much Andre, this class was a great experience and very knowledgeable for me and my grandmother”


“Andre is a Awesome Instructor and I would recommend everyone to take this course with Semper Fi-Firearms Training! Hoo-Raah! and Semper Fi!”

-Army Vet


“Andre was a great instructor, very personable and willing to take the time to make sure you were very comfortable with every aspect of the class. I went wit three of my friends and we all had a great time in the class, and can’t wait to take the advanced class!!”

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